New Feature Alert: AI Progress Notes

AI Progress Notes

HIPAA LINK is the pioneering telehealth platform to introduce Artificial Intelligence capable of producing detailed meeting summaries, highly accurate and sophisticated Progress Notes, and a fully redacted transcript for all your sessions.

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AI Progress Notes

Detailed Session Reports

Ensure you capture all valuable details from your next telehealth session. Let HIPAA LINK’s AI Progress Notes capture more than just a transcript.

Reports include remarkable insights:

  • Call Summary
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Mental Status Examination (MSE)
  • Progress Note
  • Treatment Plan
  • Potential Diagnosis Codes (DSM/ICD)

Customizable Reports

Allow AI to analyze your calls and provide clear, transparent reports!

Type of Report

Choose the session type you’re conducting with your client, such as Follow-up, Consultation, Intake, Last/Termination, Discharge, and others.

Written as…

Choose your profession and let AI draft the report from your perspective! We offer a selection of over 150 different professions to choose from.

Progress Report

Choose from a wide variety of Progress Notes for AI to generate, including SOAP, DAP, BIRP, GIRP, CARE, STOP, and many others.

AI Progress Notes

Progress Notes

Request AI to create a Progress Note of your choosing, derived from the transcribed conversation of your call.

  • SOAP
  • DAP
  • BIRP
  • GIRP
  • PIRP
  • SIRP
  • PIE
  • RIFT
  • CARE
  • STOP
  • MINT
  • FORT
  • Intake
  • Group
  • Couples
  • Psychotherapy

AI Progress Notes

Redacted Transcript

Thanks to AI’s human-level transcription accuracy, we can provide you with a fully redacted transcript of your calls with your client(s).

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is substituted in your transcript with tags, such as [PERSON_NAME], [DATE_OF_BIRTH] or [MEDICAL_CONDITION].

AI Progress Notes

Download Reports

After your report has been processed, choose to download it as either a PDF or Word document.

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