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How It Works

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Getting Started


Here is how Providers get started with HIPAA LINK:

Sign Up

Invite Clients

Manage Client Queue

Start Call


1. Sign Up


2. Invite Clients


3. Manage Client Queue


4. Start Call

Getting Started

For Clients

Here is how clients experience simple, private, and secure sessions.

Open Your Provider's Room Link


Select Devices

Wait For Your Call To Begin


1. Open Your Provider’s Room Link

Your Provider’s link will start with<room name>


2. Check-In


3. Select Devices


4. Wait For Your Call To Begin

Frequently Asked Questions

HIPAA LINK is a web-based telehealth platform that requires no downloads or installs. Our highest priorities as a telehealth platform are: stability, reliability, quality, and security.

How do I sign up for a Free Trial?

Start your free trial any time by visiting or click the "Sign Up" button at the top of the page.

How do I invite my clients to my waiting room?

When you first sign-up, you will be asked to reserve your HIPAA LINK. This is your personal URL you can share with your clients. It will begin with "<your room name>"  When a client clicks on your link, they will be asked to enter their Name and check-in to your waiting room.

Can I do group therapy?

Yes!  You can join up to 16 participants from your client queue to start a group session. Start a call with at least one client from your queue, then join more clients from your queue to begin a Group Session.

How much does it cost?

HIPAA LINK is offered for only $9.95/mo. per provider. You can pay Monthly or take an extra 20% off Annually.  Cancel any time.

How are you different from other Telehealth services?

If you're new to Telehealth, you may be surprised to hear that Reliability and Quality are still an issue for platforms like Zoom, Doxy, and others.  We spent years developing a calming telehealth experience and ensuring calls won't drop or crash.  HIPAA LINK is proud to take the lead in offering an extraordinarily robust platform that will not force you to switch applications or pick up the phone because your telehealth service wasn't working.

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